In 2011, CareRay developed China's first cesium iodide flat detector. Since then, low-dose digital radiography has spread to all sizes of hospitals, reaching families around the world.

CareRay 1500CW

Advanced Panels

Excellent image quality at modest cost, with innovative technology and imaginative features, and breakthrough low-dose imaging to best protect patients and staff.

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Wireless Medical & Vet Panels

For retrofit, new system or mobile use, choose the best-priced, most-advanced CsI panels available

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Tethered Medical & Vet Panels

Years of dependable operation and premium images from CareView series tethered panels

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Fluoroscopy Panels

Cassette-sized fluoro and unique dual rad-fluoro panels for quality imaging and functional convenience

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Mammography Panels

World’s smallest pixel pitch and highest dynamic range in reliably stable CsI mammography panels

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Industrial Panels

Indoor and outdoor use, robust panels capable of ultra-high and extra-long exposures for specialty applications

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